Neileon: About Us 

Born out of a chance meeting between an adventure seeker, an adventure equipment owner, and a geek with an adventurous flair, Neileon is Canada’s first and only safe online marketplace for renting adventure equipment and services. Ever since their first encounter, our co-founders have passionately worked towards delivering one unified proposition, “The good life is calling”

We are a simple, efficient and convenient meeting place for:


End users seeking sporting equipment or experiences related to land adventure, luxury or leisure.


Individuals or businesses who own, rent out, or provide such equipment and experiences. 


Pilots, drivers, instructors, boat captains, event managers and other such professionals who are looking to leverage their skills.

Our focus is on in-destination experiences. Whether you seek land, water or air-based quests, we help you find and connect with relevant providers for every type of activity or equipment.

Our Vision

“To be a safe, friendly and accessible online meeting place for adventure, luxury and leisure seekers and providers"


Experience the unusual, live on the edge, and activate your adventurous spirit


Binge, indulge or celebrate something or someone 


Rest, enjoy, pursue a new hobby, learn a new sport

No matter what your goals, we aim to connect every adventure, luxury or leisure seeker with the best and safest equipment and experience providers across Canada.

Our Mission

Deliver an innovative and robust three-way marketplace that unlocks a world of opportunities for equipment owners, renters and experience providers”

We continue to build and upgrade our online marketplace for: 

Adventure, Luxury and Leisure Seekers

Get access to a safe and competitively-priced one-stop shop for high-quality equipment and experiences

Equipment Owners and Experience Providers

Monetize idle capacity, seek customers and prospects, and maximize your access to our interactive online platform for listing, scheduling, tracking, and invoicing

Certified Instructors

Leverage the opportunities to connect with renters and equipment owners, earn part-time gigs, and convert your passion into profit

Our Values

"At Neileon, our values not only reflect our culture, but are at the very basis of our business model and offerings"

Adventurous at Heart

We are a bunch of down-to-earth and passionate individuals with a shared vision of enabling adventure, luxury and leisure activities and experiences

Collaborative in Spirit

Our employees and partners thrive on shared goals, shared contributions, and mutual support to build an efficient, collaborative consumption meeting place for our customers

Safe in Dealings

Whether it is assets and equipment, technology infrastructure, inter-party interactions, or work environment, we aim to meet and exceed the highest standards of safety in every aspect of our business

Committed to Quality

We are committed to excellence and maintain rigorous standards in everything offered through our platform. Taking accountability and ownership for every action comes naturally to all of us

Community Building Mindset

We believe in creating, serving and harnessing the power of communities. Our employees, customers, and partners all share an infectious sense urgency to maximize sharing opportunities through our innovative online marketplace

 Whether it is about attracting potential talent or serving our various customer communities, we nurture and encourage the same core values. An adventurous heart, collaborative spirit, community building mindset, and commitment to safety and quality.

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